What a Current SEC Realignment Would Look Like

After a recent realignment and additions, does the SEC need more?


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I know it is fun to think of these things, but sadly for SEC fans, this is exactly what this stands for. The SEC is in no need for an expansion or realignment anytime soon, as it seems pretty balanced. However, it doesn’t mean that these aren’t fun to do.

How Is This Determined?

TeamWinsLossesW-L Ratio
Alabama Crimson Tide919.910
Arkansas Razorbacks3552.402
Auburn Tigers5636.609
Florida Gators5533.625
Georgia Bulldogs7223.758
Kentucky Wildcats3849.437
LSU Tigers6425.719
Ole Miss Rebels5038.568
Mississippi State Bulldogs5734.626
Missouri Tigers5238.577
South Carolina Gamecocks5336.595
Tennessee Volunteers4443.506
Texas A&M Aggies6031.659
Vanderbilt Commodores4246.477

We are going to take the winning percentages of all the SEC teams from 2012 to now and try our best to divide them by those numbers. 2012 serves as the year that Missouri and Texas A&M joined the SEC. We will try to keep the top 4 SEC teams separated with 1/4 and 2/3.

The Divisions

SEC GreatsSEC Icons
Mississippi StateLSU
Tennessee Missouri
Texas A&MOle Miss
VanderbiltSouth Carolina

Cross-Division Rivalries:

-Alabama vs. LSU

-Mississippi vs. Mississippi State

-Kentucky vs. Missouri

-Vanderbilt vs. South Carolina

-Texas A&M vs Arkansas

-Auburn vs Georgia

-Tennessee vs Florida

With this new alignment we kept the top 3 appearance of each division, but mixed the middle around. This means that teams that have the tendency to randomly come out and have great seasons are moved around equally. Also, we kept traditional rivalries throughout, but some new ones like Vanderbilt-South Carolina and Kentucky-Missouri. Both of these games have the potential to mean more and can make it happen with this new division set.

Any New Teams?

I don’t see the SEC adding any new blood in the next decade. However, there are some schools they could pull in from all over. The first list that hits my mind is: Houston, Texas, Oklahoma, and Virginia Tech. We could see Texas and Oklahoma join if the Big 12 ever disbanded away into various conferences. I feel that these two would join the SEC to keep their money coming in and the SEC would come after them hard. Next, Houston is part of the Texas market that the SEC is now moving into with Texas A&M. This would be a good move with a very large school that could have SEC spirit. And finally, Virginia Tech from the ACC would mean a lot for the school. This is a school that is very similar to a SEC school and the money that would come out of the SEC conference would help Virginia Tech grow.

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