A10 Tournament Prediction

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First Round (Wednesday, March 13th)

#12 George Washington vs #13 UMass

This George Washington squad has had little to no success for the past five games. However, for UMass, this hasn’t quite been the case with some wins grouping in those last five. I am giving UMass the edge in this one in a easier win. UMass 75, GW 70

#11 Richmond vs #14 Fordham

I will take this Richmond team that has played more solid in their conference slate. Also, the Richmond squad can shoot far better than Fordham and keep up with most of their opponents. Even if they haven’t had success in four games, Richmond will be able to roll it all together for a win. Richmond 77, Richmond 69

Second Round (Thursday, March 14th)

#8 Rhode Island vs #9 La Salle

Rhode Island is riding a four game winning streak into this tournament with wins over UMass and George Washington. And you could say that La Salle had some success with Fordham, but I don’t think it’ll be enough to defeat Rhode Island. Watch for another potential deep run for the Rams. Rhode Island 81, La Salle 67

#5 George Mason vs #13 UMass

George Mason can do some incredible things when they are clicking on all cylinders. I don’t feel that UMass will present a lot of new challenges, but could give them a hanful in some departments. I will take George Mason in a closer game than normal, but still a solid win. George Mason 71, UMass 58

#7 Duquesne vs #10 Saint Joseph’s

I am not quite sure how Saint Joseph’s managed to pinch its spot at #10, but there they are. I am not liking this matchup for the Hawks, especially against a Duquesne team that can get things done when motivated. I am liking Duquesne to get this one done in dominating fashion. Duquesne 73, Saint Joseph’s 64

#11 Richmond vs #6 Saint Louis

Call me crazy, but I think this game stays within ten points. I like what Saint Louis can do and how they can turn up their scoring when needed. However, we have seen some games where their opponents can keep up with them. Saint Louis 74, Richmond 67

Third Round (Friday, March 15)

#8 Rhode Island vs #1 VCU

I am not sure who you could put in this spot that would really do any damage against this VCU defense. I don’ think Rhode Island will dent the score to much with the Rams on the other side. It’ll be a slower game, but VCU will come out with a win. VCU 79, Rhode Island 63

#5 George Mason vs #4 St Bonaventure

I originally wanted to pick George Mason, but St Bonaventure has been on a great run of games recently. I think this will start off as an upset with George Mason running the floor. Then, we will see the St Bonaventure team come out hot in the second half and chip a win into place. St Bonaventure 73, George Mason 69

#2 Davidson vs #7 Duquesne

Davidson has slipped out of some losses before in this season, including Duquesne. I think this will be a game that Davidson won’t be expecting a large surge from, but it will end up being just that. I think Duquesne gets the win here and advances to the semifinals. Duquesne 67, Davidson 62

#6 Saint Louis vs #3 Dayton

I like to see competitive games in these conference tournaments, but I am liking a big win in this one. The Flyers have been a way better team as of recently and will gain another imposing win. Dayton 73, Saint Louis 62

Semifinals (Saturday, March 8)

#1 VCU vs #4 St Bonaventure

This should be a great game between these two would be picking up steam ahead of this tournament. However, if we saw how their first meeting went this season, we wouldn’t be giving St Bonaventure much leverage. Once again, I feel that this VCU defense is just too much for St Bonaventure. VCU 83, St Bonaventure 71

#7 Duquesne vs #3 Dayton

Dayton has shown that they have what it takes to beat this Duquesne team within the past month. I don’t think it would be smart to go against the Dayton Flyers on this game. Dayton will win, but not after a tough fight from Duquesne. Dayton 69, Duquesne 62

A10 Tournament Championship Game

#1 VCU vs #3 Dayton

This might be one of the better tournament championship games that we get to see this year. However, I don’t think this game goes anything like their other meeting as this will be a neutral site game. I am giving the edge to VCU’s ability to defend and shoot efficiently in this game to win the A10. VCU 78, Dayton 71

A10 Champs: VCU Rams

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